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Calling on Retired Mums


Over the past few years this site attracted numerous visitors who are active in the string band community today, it has also caught the attention of many “old timers.”  We maintain this site to preserve the history of our hobby, as well as to document the 100+ years of tradition that came before us.  We would like to encourage all the “old timers” who visit the site to consider returning, in some capacity to the hobby you loved.  We know you’re out there. Why else would you be here now?


You still have something of value to give.  Whether it’s attending a fundraiser for your former organization, giving free lessons to young members for an hour before rehearsal each week, lending your expertise to the theme committee, bringing your child, or even grandchild, to a rehearsal, or simply sitting in with the band once a month.


   Please consider coming out of retirement, if not to take a suit, then simply to show your support for this hobby we all love.  If you inspire even one person to become committed to preserving this tradition, you’ve made it worth your while.  Without gaining interest in and commitment to this hobby from the next generation, there may not be anything for us to archive 10 years from now. 


    Help us instill in the next generation the love of mummery we all have in common on this site.  Stop by your old clubhouse next week, and tell them StringBandArchives.com sent you!
























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Marty Rotindo Jr. , Shaun Decky , Paul Gawlinski  ,& Dan Mizner.


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